Terms and Conditions with Refund Policy

The following are the “Terms and Conditions” which govern the delivery of offshore services provided by “UrBriskSource” to the client which is executed by and between the parties.

Please read these carefully before signing up with any services provided by UrBriskSource.

Your access to and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

By accessing or using the services of UrBriskSource, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Price Increase (Effective 1 January 2024)

20 hours $17.00 AUD ($13.50 USD) per hour(+6% Transaction Fee)
40 hours $16.00 AUD ($12.75 USD) per hour(+6% Transaction Fee)
80 hours $15.50 AUD ($12.25 USD) per hour(+6% Transaction Fee)


Hours Validity

Purchased hours have validation of the following days upon purchased (weekends included).

20 hours package – 60 days validity
40 hours package – 90 days validity
80 hours package – 120 days validity
Monthly subscription hours will not roll-over

If there is an announced holiday that our office will be closed we will adjust accordingly.

UrBriskSouce has a right to forfeit unused hours after it expires without notice.

1. Project Authorization & Services.

UrBriskSource has an All Service Access (Special skill service charge at tier cost), Project Management System, Assigned Project Manager and Client Support for all clients who accept and agreed under these Terms and Conditions.

All Service Access packages cannot be used in other services, like a dedicated staff contract or project-based service.

Each services has a schedule turnaround time of 24-48 hours upon completion which shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

UrBriskSource will keep your content private and will never share your information, ideas or intellectual property with anyone. Any artwork, design, website or proprietary software that has been developed or created by UrBriskSource during the exchange of money for services, is legally owned by you as the client. UrBriskSource will not and cannot claim ownership or any legal rights to this content.

If you wish to have a further protected agreement, it is your responsibility to provide us with an agreement to sign.

2. Payment for Services.

Services fees are invoiced and should be settled in advance and full upon receipt of your task/work, except as otherwise there is a special agreement by both parties. The fees specified in the sign up form and invoice are the total fees and charges for the services agreed and will not be increased during the term of the services schedule except as the parties may agree in writing.

3. Terms of Termination & Refund.

These Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect upon sign up through the completion of the purchase hours or full package service.

If you wish to cancel your account or request cancellation of a contract, the remaining balance of the current account will not be refunded. Your account is subject for closure and forfeited if non-use after three months, and you are not subject for any refunded of the remaining credits.

Any changes or cancellation on the task by the client which is already in process or submitted and has been approved by client, client shall still be charge of the hours rendered by staff for the specific task except for those clients who availed the full package service.

We can reimburse the hours worked if it is agreed by management that these hours have been done ineffectively. There will be an investigation for such staff and task, and as a client, you must provide evidence that hours have been misused.

We can only offer a refund on the money paid on us by the client:

I) If you worked 5 or less hours and you are not satisfied in any way with the service, you may formally request a refund by email to accounts@urbriskcouce.com

II) This request must be received by us inside the first fourteen (14) days from your initial payment. After 14 days, this guarantee expires and you will not be able to claim the refund.

III) This refund does not apply if your account has more than 5 (five) hours logged at your account. Records for your running total of hours are kept at your online account where you always have access, it is your responsibility to ensure your hours do not exceed 5 (five) to be able to make this claim.

IV) If your request for a refund is successful, we will reimburse an amount of your original invoice less 10% for payment processing & administrative cost. The refund will be paid back by the original payment method.